The Pubcast - Classic Episodes return.

Howdy Folks, Wayne here. Just wanted to update you lovely people on the current state of the Pubcast feed. As most of you will know by now, we have moved our Podcast feed over to the Rogue Comics website. We have some big plans for Podcasting here at Rogue Comics and we will be letting you know more about that in the near future, but for now you can get all of the latest Pubcast episodes here. 

Some of you have messaged me regarding the older episodes of Pubcast,  when we moved hosts we lost a large chunk of our back catalog. This was down to a technical issue and the issue of moving 200+ episodes from one server to another. Right now as it stands we have all of the episodes that were released this year and I have a cunning plan for uploading the older episodes, which I do have backed up, all safe and sound. 

Every second week, so in the off weeks between new Pubcasts I will be posting a "Classic Pubcast" episode in no particular order. Some of these episodes you might have listened to, some you might have not. It will be a fun experiment to take a trip down memory lane and here us waffle on about times long past and topics that may have vanished into obscurity. We also have extra special episodes like our Pokemon Anniversary episode, the numerous Halloween celebrations, or our mammoth three part Video Games extravaganza. These will all return as part of the Classic Pubcast line. Some of you might be finding them for the first time, and some of you might like to jump in and revisit episodes long forgotten. 

Anywho, thanks for taking the time to check in and have a read. The first of the Classic Pubcasts will be posted tomorrow at lunch time. Feel free to comment below with any episode requests you might have.