wayne talbot

Wayne Talbot is the creative director at Rogue Comics.

Wayne has a background in animation and film production. His love of comic books comes from a childhood filled with 2000ad, x-men and batman comics, these influences run deep in a lot of Wayne’s work. He released his first comic book 'The Broker' under the Rogue Comics label last year. It was met with solid reviews. The Broker was also Wayne’s first foray into the realm of comic book colouring. Samples from Wayne’s artwork and colouring can be seen below. #artcred given to the artists who let him try his hand at colouring their fantastic work. 

Wayne is currently finishing up the script for Nazferatu. A World War II vampire story. Fellow Rogue Kevin Keane will take on art duties and Wayne will colour. Wayne is also currently working on the follow up to The Broker, which will see Brian Corcoran return on art duties , And Wayne is writing the long form horror western "A Town Called Kill". Not content with just writing and colouring he will be taking on art duties as well. Keep your eyes peeled for hints and snippets of the book which shall posted here on the rogue comics website.

Wayne is also a founding member of the award winning podcast the Irish Pubcast. 

When he isn’t writing, drawing or colouring comic books Wayne can be found hidden away in his man cave playing computer games, listening to 90s rock or watching everything John Carpenter, Mamoru Oshii and Satoshi Kon have ever done. 

He lives in Dublin with his wife Irene and daughter Amelia.

twitter - @WayneTalbot

Instagram - waynetalbot37