ciaran marcantonio

Ciarán Marcantonio has been writing, editing and producing independent comics since 2012. 

He is currently the Editor-In-Chief of Rogue Comics Ireland, which he founded in partnership with Wayne Talbot, Kevin Keane and Gill Dempsey in 2017. 

Ciarán was previously best known as the Managing Editor of Lightning Strike Comics, where he managed production and editing on 8 volumes of their award-winning anthology comic simply called Lightning Strike. 

He is the writer of A Clockwork Universe, Red Sands, The Stoat (Buttonpress Publications), Zombies Hi! and Professor Elemental Comics in the UK. All of which have received stellar reviews thanks to his many bribes to ICN. 

Ciarán is also an avid podcaster as a member of both award-winning shows The Irish Pubcast and The ComicCityCast. You may also have seen him host panels at comic conventions all around Ireland and Europe. 

He is currently promoting #RedSands with artist Cormac Hughes as well as promoting his upcoming cyberpunk graphic novel #NeonSKIES with artist Kevin Keane for Rogue Comics Ireland.


Twitter: @Ciaronious/ @NeonSkiesComic  / @Rogue_Comics_Ir 

Instagram: ciaronious / neonskiescomic / rogue_comics_ir

Facebook: @CiaranMarcantonioWriter / @RogueComicsIreland

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