Classic Pubcast Episode 2 - Pokemon Anniversary Special

Howdy folks, welcome to another trip down Pubcast memory lane. This is a very special episode from the Pubcast archives. Kim Brosnan returns along with special guests Naomi Bolger and Ryan O’Connor to record the Pokemon 20th anniversary episode. We chat about the history of the franchise, delving into the anime, the games, the trading card game and many other wacky aspects of the long running beast that is The Pokemon Franchise. Enjoy and Thanks for listening.

The Pubcast - Maximum X-Force!

The Pubcasters three are joined by Doc Huysmans of Dublin City Comics to break down and discuss Deadpool 2 in all its glory. BE warned folks, if you haven't seen Deadpool 2 yet this episode is all spoiler. We also discuss canceled TV shows being resurrected, the best documentary about a film that was never finished and our favourite non superhero Comic Book Movies and TV series. Enjoy and Thanks for listening. 

Classic Pubcast Episode 1 - Captain R Rated

Howdy folks. Here is the first classic episode of Pubcast. Figured this episode would be appropriate given the release of Deadpool 2. In this episode we chat about Deadpool 1, The Walking Dead, Arrow and The Flash. We also chat about how the success of Deadpool as an R rated Superhero film will have a domino effect on future Movies and their studios sudden urge to make them R rated in order to capitalise on their sudden realisation that Adult content actually sells. We also cover the idea behind trailers revealing too much and how some films marketing tends to go overboard by revealing most of the story before the film has even been released. Enjoy and Thanks for listening.